Frequently Asked Questions

Every department except for the Emergency Room requires an appointment to be made prior to seeing your pet. Please click here for information on making an appointment.

If your pet is in distress or needs to be seen immediately, please bring them to the emergency room as soon as possible.

The Hope Center’s focus is soley on emergency and specialty care. In order to provide the best care in those areas, we focus exclusively on the specialty and emergency side of veterinary medicine and do not offer any primary care services such as wellness exams, routine vaccinations, or spays/neuters.

In human medicine, patients see their primary care doctor for wellness checkups and general health concerns. If the doctor notices a problem that is related to a specific condition or organ, they may refer those patients to a specialist such as a Cardiologist or Oncologist who have advanced training and knowledge.

Animal medicine works much the same way and specialists at The Hope Center are board-certified veterinary experts who see cases referred to them by other veterinarians. In addition to their four-year veterinary degree, they complete a one-year general internship and then a three-year residency targeted at a specific discipline such as Cardiology, Surgery or Oncology. During these three years, they receive hands-on instruction from a board-certified mentor in the same field. They study techniques, protocols and learn to use the tools of their individual specialty. At the completion of this residency, they must go before a board of experts to prove their ability and understanding of their specialty and pass an intensive written test. Only then are they recognized as board-certified veterinary specialists.

Similar to major universities and human hospitals, The Hope Center has a wide variety of specialists under one roof. This provides opportunities for convenient formal consultations, but also informal questions and brainstorming with experts in other fields. Doctors can offer opinions or guidance to other departments in a cooperative effort to give each patient the best care possible.

Yes! For many years, we were known as the Emergency Veterinary Clinic of Northern Virginia and we were located on Maple Avenue next to the Wolf Trap Motel and across the street from the Amphora Restaurant. We changed our name to The Hope Center in 2005 and moved to our current location in 2008. The management team, owners and staff have not changed, although our departments have expanded to include Oncology, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, and Nutrition.
We appreciate the hard work of area rescue groups by offering discounts on care to qualifying organizations. Please call 703-242-4737 to register your rescue or service organization with us.

Information on discounts for senior citizens, active military, first responders, and registered working animals is also available at that number.

Medical procedures and treatments vary greatly from one patient to another, so exact expenses related to the treatment of a pet cannot be provided without first performing an examination. After the doctor examines your pet and speaks with you about treatment options, a detailed treatment plan and estimate of costs will be provided.

If there are specific treatments that you know your pet will require (such as an ultrasound, echocardiogram or cataract removal) each individual department may provide our costs for those individual fees for you prior to seeing your pet. Please contact the department you’ve been referred to for more information.

We are happy to be part of the vibrant veterinary community in Northern Virginia. If you’ve had a great experience at The Hope Center and wish to share it, we appreciate your support.

Filling out the survey you receive at checkout or via email can help us to highlight exceptional performance by staff members. Online review sites such as Yelp and Google Reviews can help other pet owners find their best options in the area. Following us on FacebookTwitter, and signing up for our newsletters can keep you up to date with Hope Center events and announcements.

Many area pet owners are surprised to hear of the advanced care options available in Northern Virginia. Speaking with them about your pet’s care and treatment at The Hope Center can inform them of resources available to them and their primary veterinarian.

While we strive to make each and every experience at The Hope Center a positive one, we understand that clients may have concerns they wish to express. Various online review sites and social networks make this much easier than in past years. However, the best way to constructively voice concerns is to send a letter or place a call to our management team. This will make sure that the most important information needed to help is available to the people that can assist you. Online review sites are often anonymous or do not include the necessary information to contact a concerned client. In addition, many online sites will filter reviews away before they can be seen and acted on by our staff.

We believe that the best way we can improve our hospital is through feedback from our clients. Speaking directly with our management team will provide the quickest and best resolution to your concerns.  If you wish to discuss your experience with The Hope Center please contact our CEO Kris Boucher directly at 703-281-9629.

We work with local veterinarians every day to provide referral services for their patients. If your vet has referred you to The Hope Center, it’s because they trust us to provide your pet with the best care possible.

After being referred, please make an appointment with the appropriate department. During this call, we will ask for some basic information regarding your pet and their condition as well as provide any instructions such as fasting (withholding food and water) prior to the visit. We will also contact your primary veterinarian to obtain all pertinent records and test results.

In order to keep your primary care veterinarian informed and involved in your pet’s treatment, we require a referral for every department other than the walk-in emergency room. This also allows for our doctors to have the most up to date information from your primary veterinarian including test results and diagnostics so they will not have to be repeated.
Pet Insurance is a rapidly changing area and new plans and policies are being made available all the time. We urge you to speak directly with your pet insurance provider to understand how your plan covers emergency or specialty care.

Most insurance plans are set up as a claim submission program which happens after medical treatment is delivered. That means fees and expenses must be paid at the time of service and then forms and medical records are submitted for reimbursement to the insurance provider. The Hope Center is happy to provide any and all medical records as well as assistance in filling out claim forms.

Some of the insurance plans that The Hope Center works with most frequently are VPI Pet Insurance, ASPCA Pet Health Insurance, Trupanion Pet Insurance and PetPlan Insurance.