Cost of Care

The Hope Center maintains a team of highly skilled veterinary professionals including board-certified specialists, licensed veterinarians, and licensed veterinary technicians. Our hospital utilizes state of the art equipment and technology to provide our patients with the highest level of medicine available. Our patients’ medical conditions are more critical and in need of emergency and specialty care. In order to offer around the clock supervision for our hospitalized patients, we are open and fully staffed 24 hours a day every single day, with doctors, licensed veterinary technicians, and highly experienced support staff. All of these factors lead to a cost of care which is higher than most primary care veterinary facilities. Specialty veterinary medicine is considerably less expensive than human treatments for similar conditions even though we utilize much of the same equipment and techniques that human medical doctors and hospitals use and our veterinary staff members are equally educated as their human medical counterparts. Because fees are not covered up front by a third-party payment structure as happens with human health insurance, some clients may think that emergency and specialty veterinary care is costlier than their own health care; but this is not the case.

Late, No Show, or Last Minute Cancellation fees may be applied.

We understand that serious medical issues and accidents often happen unexpectedly and each individual pet owner has different ideas about what is an acceptable level of healthcare for their pets.  At The Hope Center, we will present you with all of your options regardless of the costs involved.  It is our professional obligation to inform you of all possible treatment options.  It is also our obligation to inform you of the costs associated with those treatments which is why we will provide you with written estimates after discussing treatment plans for your pet.  We understand that every family has a budget and we strive to work with you to achieve optimal outcomes and the best possible healthcare for your pet.  We will never judge a client based on their willingness or ability to pay for advanced diagnostics and treatments.  It is imperative that veterinarians and clients have honest conversations about expectations and if finances are a problem that issue can be identified early in your visit and can be addressed.

We never want finances to be the only factor in your decisions about the health of your pet. We believe that with a combination of prudent planning, informed choices, and financial guidance and assistance every pet can receive the level of care that their family desires. At The Hope Center we work with veterinary insurance plans that provide reimbursement for services, and also accept every major credit card as well as health cards such as CareCredit. These cards provide funds specifically for healthcare services and applications can be submitted during the time of your visit. The plans vary in repayment structure and approval rates.

Planning ahead of time for possible medical conditions is the best way to provide the highest level of care for your pet. Pet insurance is available from a variety of providers with different levels of services and options. We encourage every owner to research and choose a plan that best fits their needs. In addition, understanding what conditions your pet might be predisposed to, either through breeding or lifestyle, can make you aware of symptoms earlier and able seek care more quickly. By identifying a disease process or condition early, outcomes can be improved and medical costs can be minimized. Take the time to discuss conditions to watch for with your primary vet.

Late, No Show, or Last Minute Cancellation fees may be applied.